Sunday, December 3, 2006


Being my first official blog post, I thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm Michelle, an 18 year old Christian, amateur musician, athlete, and avid fan of Christian music. I've always enjoyed music, but it wasn't always Christian stuff. Previously, it was strictly secular stuff--and bad secular stuff it was. I'm talking bands like Nickelback.....yes, it was that bad. But then, 3 years ago, I got my first taste of Christian music....well....technically, it wasn't Christian music. 12 Stones, the first "Christian" band I became a fan of(back in 2003) it turned out wasn't even a Christian band, although they do have Christian members. Alas, they still turned me on to the genre. Shortly thereafter, I got into other Christian bands like Kutless and Sanctus Real. Since then, I have pretty much exclusively listened to bands that fall into the Christian category. Not because I oppose secular bands, but rather because most of the secular music on radio is just subpar. There is an awful lot of talent in the CM scene, which has made me such a fan of the genre.

So, what is the point of this blog? Well, it is basically to discuss all things CM. Reviews of CDs, news on artists/bands, and basically anything else that pertains to CM will be posted here.


rindy said...

Welcome to blogging world! I'm also a huge Christian music "fan"--addict is more like it. Good start!

Michael Paul said...

I'm a huge fan of christian music. That's all I listen too... I love it. If you get a chance come check out my blog. God bless, and happy blogging.